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Everybody is going somewhere it seems. Even when I’m standing still I’m getting older and headed for some destination. Nobody is actually not moving. If we look back at the end of the day we will be far away from where we started. That is so true that now we wear devices on our wrist to keep track of how far we have moved. Fitbit, Garmin, Pebble and Apple Watch monitor our steps and tell us if we made our goal. Do you hear that? We have goals to keep moving. We set up charts about how many steps we take, how much ground we cover. We even get buzzed if we stand still too long. Really? We need that?

So, I’m thinking maybe if we are so consumed with going someplace it would be important to think about where that place is. Where are we actually heading anyway? In our scripture reading today Jacob is counting his kids and heading to Egypt. He is going away from something, the famine, the homeland, the promise. (Genesis 46). In Psalm 46, King David is going in something. He is going in the assurance that God is large and in charge, in the hope of a reward, a city to come, and in the confidence that the God who has worked for us in the past will do it again. And in Acts 23 (and I suggest you read 24. They are short.) Paul is going to something to a trial, and then another trial, and another trial and ultimately his death. Bummer dude!

Last week we took Jon-Mical and Jakson to the Greenway. It was a gorgeous, early spring day. The sun was warming the cool corners of the woods that had been held in the shadows. The water was sparkling as the river seemed to glisten upward to warm its underbelly on this rare opportunity in February. There were just hints of green on the bushes as even they seemed to be going from dormant and dark back to life and blooming. And Jon-Mical and Jakson, well thy were going to beat the band. Jon-Mical is so fast that  everything is a race. “I’ll race you to that bench PoppyC.” “I’ll race you around the next curve PoppyC.” “When you get off the ground I’ll race you to that ambulance PoppyC.” He is always going and inviting someone to go with him.

Jakson on the other hand goes it alone. He is a climber, a toucher, an explorer. He pretty much had Mimi going over the edge. “Wait for us to cross the road Jakson.” “Get away from the edge of the water Jakson.” “Where are you Jakson?” “Get out of that police car Jakson.” Jon-Mical goes with. Jakson goes ahead.

We are all going somewhere, all of the time. I guess I’m going (see that) to ask some questions about that:

  • What are you going to today? If I have no destination in mind then anyplace I end up will suffice. But what I want to do is “set my eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.” (Hebrews 12:2) The goal of my going is to get closer to Him.
  • Next question, what are you going from? It seems we all are trying to get away from something, nagging boss, too much debt, an extra 15 pounds. We are often more driven by what we are fleeing than where we are heading. Paul says, “Not good grasshopper” (KFV-Kung Fu Version) He says, “Forgetting those things that are behind and straining for what us ahead, I press on toward the goal.” (Philippians 3:13-4) God has a wonderful plan for you. Your only job is forget the stuff that is trying to hang on to you and walk towards Him.
  • Which leads me to the last question, who are you going with? I like to run, long, cross country runs. sometimes as much as 15 or 20 yards at a time. At which time I will yell back to Doris, “Come over here. You’ve got to see the view from here. Oh, and bring my oxygen.” Going is so much better when we have another goer to go with. And here’s the deal, you are taking people with you whether you like it or not. Those grandkids that are watching your every move, that husband who says he has no interest in church but watches you read your Bible, those friends at school or buddies at work that even poke fun at you but every once in a while say, “Hey man, could you pray for my mother?” In some way, on some level, you are taking so many with you. Which is all the more reason to be going the right way, for the right reasons, at the right time. I Timothy 4:16 “Watch our walk and where you are going because if you do you will get to the right place and so will those following you.”  (CMCV-C. Michael Courtney Version)

Listen, God has called us to go, to move, to step out. Not only has He called you, He’s planned the trip. Be intentional about it. Follow in His footsteps. Go the way He tells you to go and take people with you, now. Today. Here’s a simple thought, invite somebody to join you for our next 40 Day Lent Adventure on Reconciliation, or ask somebody to go with you to a CR meeting, or start a group of girls at Panera Bread on Thursday’s to read the Gospel of John. Just go. And when you get there God will already have paved the way.

Well, the day is upon us. There is a lot to do today so we’d better get going. Count those steps. Keep your feet moving. Remember you are going somewhere, make it be the right where. And make your trip count. I gotta’ go. My watch is buzzing…     Mike


We are rapidly finishing 50 Days. If you’d like to start a 40 Day Lenten reading on Reconciliation let me know. You can email me at mike@mikecourtney.net or you can get an automatic email by signing up at www.branchesblog.com.    Men, still room for you DP Men’s Retreat, March 10-12. You will love it.   Pray for Doris’s dad.   Be blessed.