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We have a new word that a few years ago did not exist, regifting. It is the act of taking a gift given you and giving it to someone else as if you chose it especially for them. A number of years ago Doris was in a panic on her way out the door to… Continue Reading

Mary Did You Know?

   As an evangelical protestant I am never quite sure what to do with the Virgin Mary, even at this time of the year when her story is so much at the center of our story. Oh, I have a great appreciation for her. I have even added praying the Rosary to my personal spiritual… Continue Reading

Einstein by Jacob

Einstein I sat around a table with about a dozen international people ranging from their late teens to their early thirties.  I was the only American and I was having dinner with some new found friends in the south of France.  We took turns going around the table briefly describing the lives that we had… Continue Reading

Maintaining Your SPIRITUAL Diet

  It is a universal complaint, at least in our opulent, obese, western culture. “I was doing pretty well on my diet and then the holidays hit.” Or, “I lost 12 pounds this year and gained them all back between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.” A similar, though reverse-image difficulty is often found in our spiritual walk… Continue Reading

Give Me That Mountain

GIVE ME THAT MOUNTAIN     I woke up early this morning to a burning project. You know how every once in a while something pops into your beady, little brain while you are sleeping and you wake up thinking, “This is the most important thing in the world. I’ve got to get it done… Continue Reading