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4/1/24  MondayMatters: Too Busy

4/1/24 MondayMatters: Too Busy

Sometimes we just get too busy. As Doris’s dad would have said, “That ain’t no good!” It’s not healthy. You’re not happy. And it’s not holy. So, what do I do when I recognize I’m too busy? Here are a few things that might help. Take a break and watch this. 😂

How to know you’re too busy?
You get distracted from people.
You get discouraged with life.
You get disconnected from God.

So what do I do to get unbusy?
Remember your purpose.
Establish your priorities.
Organize your problems.
Evaluate your people.
And create a plan.

Black History Month: In The Beginning Was The Relationship

Black History Month: In The Beginning Was The Relationship

The creation story starts with the familiar words, “In the beginning, God.”  It goes on to include some physical phenomena, a move of the Spirit, and eventually, man and woman made in “our,” a plural God, image.  That verse could have as easily said, “In the beginning was the Relationship.” God is nothing if He… Continue Reading

Making the Most of Movie Momentum

Making the Most of Movie Momentum

Making the Movie Momentum Matter One sportswriter said, “Momentum is a fickle dance partner.” Whether in business, baseball, or building a relationship, when things are going bad it’s hard to change. When momentum is moving in our favor, however, it makes sense to grab hold and dance until the music stops. For decades we in… Continue Reading

Maintaining Your SPIRITUAL Diet

  It is a universal complaint, at least in our opulent, obese, western culture. “I was doing pretty well on my diet and then the holidays hit.” Or, “I lost 12 pounds this year and gained them all back between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.” A similar, though reverse-image difficulty is often found in our spiritual walk… Continue Reading