Your Walk Talks Louder Than Your Talk Talks

I did not watch the Grammys. I have read with interest the uproar on Facebook and other places by Christians over much of the content of that the awards show aired on CBS. It sounds like much of what we stand for as Christians was ridiculed and slapped in the face. And we, as we often do, respond for awhile with righteous indignation then, while changing nothing of our own behavior or habits, drop the whole thing and go about our business. Our TV networks and our politicians count on the very fact that our anger and our actions seldom coincide. They can do anything they choose. We will rant and rave. Then we will go right back to buying their products and following their policies.

Are we frustrated enough with the flagrant faith bashing of the apparently anti-Christian media to take a stand with our ways as well as our words? Would we be so incensed over the mocking of our values by CBS that we would be willing to completely and totally boycott them? (it seems in our culture that the ballot box and the bank account are the two most vulnerable places of a secular society.) So, for every Facebook outcry against the Grammys last Sunday night would you seriously and prayerfully consider refusing to watch CBS at least for a significant period of time? Like maybe a week? Like maybe this week? Even though it includes some of your favorite shows, sporting events. seasonal specials? I am not suggesting or promoting this. I am saying that until our behavior begins to match our beliefs we will have no impact on the world and our influence will continue to disappear.
I have often quoted a little poem by Adlai Stevenson, the statesman and presidential candidate of the mid last century. It seems pretty applicable here,
“We live in a sea of words
Where nouns and adjectives flow,and verbs speak of action that never takes place, and sentences come and they go.”  Mike

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