Love Actually: Day 16 (we don’t count Sundays🤓)

Love Actually: Day 16 (we don’t count Sundays🤓)

We have focused on prayer this week. Some of us have done it well. Some of us have struggled. Some of us have seen prayer in a whole new light. Some of us have felt like we were talking to the ceiling. While I am always trying to learn more, dig deeper, understand and experience better the mysterious, life-changing power of prayer, there is never to be forgotten the Presence of God in the “discipline” of prayer. Just doing it, even on those days where it feels rote and devoid of joy, pleases God and opens me to a Sacred Space in His Throne Room that I would otherwise not know. Hear Hannah Whithall Smith, “You will find it great help to put your reckoning into words and say over and over, to yourself and to God, ‘Lord, I am Thine. I do yield myself entirely to Thee. Work in me Thy good pleasure, and I will only lie still in Thy hands and trust Thee.’” Just pray, and let God work out the rest of it.

See you on Monday.

Today we read Psalm 42, Proverbs 6, and Psalm 84.  Pray 12 minutes. Do a kindness for someone. Do something for yourself. Do something for the world. (if that doesn’t make sense go back and read Day 1🤓)

Next week: Read Psalm 143, the Proverbs chapter of the day, and: on Monday-Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Tuesday-Joshua 24:14-28, Wednesday-Hebrews 2:1-18, Thursday-Philemon 8-21, Friday-Colossians 3:1-17, and Saturday-Roman 12.  You are a hero. Love Actually



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