Love Actually: Day 18

Love Actually: Day 18

This quote from Malcom Muggeridge is about Mother Teresa:

“I ran away and stayed away; Mother Teresa moved in and stayed. That was the difference. She, a nun, rather slightly built with only a few rupees in her pocket; not particularly clever or particularly gifted in the art of persuasion. Just with this Christian love shining about her; in her hearts and on her lips. Just prepared to follow her Lord, and in accordance with His instructions regard every derelict left to die in the streets as Him; to hear in the cry of every abandoned child, even in the tiny squeak of the discarded fetus, the cry of the Bethlehem Child; to recognize in every leper’s stumps the Hands which once touched sightless eyes and made them see, rested on distracted heads and made them calm, brought back to health to sick flesh and twisted limbs. As for my expatiations on Bengal’s wretched social conditions—I regret to say that I doubt whether, in any divine accounting, they will equal one quizzical half smile bestowed by Mother Teresa on a street urchin who happened to catch her eye.”

We will not be another Mother Teresa, but we can touch one heart, one soul, one life, and in so doing, touch Jesus.

Remember what we are doing:

  1. time in the Word. Every day this week we read Psalm 143. Read Proverbs 9 today. Ask God to reveal some word of wisdom just for you today. And, Joshua 24:14-28 today.
  2. time in His Presence. Spend 12 minutes today in prayer. Use the Lord’s Prayer as an outline. 6 parts, 2 minutes each, 12 minutes.
  3. loving His people. Do one kind act for someone each day. Maybe anonymous. Maybe for a stranger. But one act of love.
  4. loving His Church. Do one project or act of service for your church during this 40 days.
  5. loving His creation. Do one act of service for the world; pick up trash, clean away graffiti , plant a tree.

You are making a difference. See you tomorrow.

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