Going Deep Day 8: Holding On (Monday Matters)

Going Deep Day 8: Holding On (Monday Matters)

Every Monday I do a brief vlog called Monday Matters. During the Lenten season, I commit that vlog to a 40 Day Spiritual Adventure, this year Going Deep. (Are you confused yet?) Last week, week 1, we focused on Letting Go. This week the emphasis is Holding On. If you want o hear just the audio of that vlog it is here or on my podcast site, What Difference Does That Make?

If you’d like to see the video, and Lord knows why you would, it is on my FaceBook page, MikeCourtney716, or on Instagram at cmichaelcourtney.

Finally, if you’d like to follow along, this is what we are reading this week. Sign up here and you will get an email notification each day and a $100 gift certificate  (Okay, I AM KIDDING ABOUT THE GIFT CERTIFICATE!)But I do hope you will join us in Going Deep.

Going Deep Week 2, read Psalm 42 each day.

Monday        Psalm 63

Tuesday        Isaiah 55

Wednesday   John 7

Thursday       John 6

Friday            Romans 8

Saturday       Psalm 84

Sunday         Exodus 3, I Corinthians 10, and Luke 13

Here’s a prayer to pray each day this week:  “Lord of Life and Love, Help us to worship You each day in the beauty of holiness so that the holiness of Your beauty may appear in us. Quiet or hearts and strengthen our grip on You, so that we might know and do Your will today.”

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