Going Deep Day 29: Look Out

Going Deep Day 29: Look Out

Just a little heads up, THERE WILL BE TROUBLES! But don’t look out for the hardships. Look out for the amazing things that God is doing in you and through you because of your hardships.

The scripture for this week: Everyday, Psalm 56

Monday.     Acts 14

Tuesday.    I Peter 2

Wednesday.    2 Corinthians 1

Thursday:     Isaiah 53

Friday.             John 10

Saturday.         John 11

Sunday.         Deuteronomy 32, Philippians 2, Luke 19

Our prayer for each day:  Almighty God, You are the Light and Life of every soul. You are my only source of hope. Grant that today I might know Your transforming power in all of my experiences. In the Name of Christ. Amen.

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