ALL IN: Day 5

ALL IN: Day 5

Continually. “They devoted themselves continually…” Acts 2:42

Last night we talked about a similar word, unceasing. Paul says, “Pray without ceasing.” I Thess. 5:17 Here are three possibilities.
1. Pray permanently. We should always be people of prayer. Never stop. I’ve never arrived to the point that I do not need to pray.
2. Pray persistently. God knows what I need the first time I say it, before I say it even. But I need to hear myself go before him often with my concerns. It reminds me of His sovereignty and my surrender.
3. Pray presently. Be in the moment. Be aware of the many divine encounters. Stay on the constant look out for excuses to pray.

So, if I pray without ceasing, and I devote myself continually to Him, you’re saying that every single minute belongs to God? Yep. You got it. 🤓

“Heavenly Comforter, keep me focus today on the Father. May I continually and without ceasing seek Him first.”

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