Love Actually: Day 3

Love Actually: Day 3

Well, we’ve made it to day 3. We are doing well. One more time, if you’re just joining, go back and read the last 2 or 3 blogs. They are short and it will help you get a running start. By the way, if you subscribe to this blog you will get a daily email for the 40 days with the devotional reading and the scripture for the day. After Easter you can unsubscribe or keep getting the semi-regular blogs I write. 🤓 Either way I am excited about us journeying these 40 Days together. Here’s the plan for day 3:

  1. time in the Word. Today we read Psalm 15 again. Read Proverbs 19 today. Ask God to reveal some word of wisdom just for you today. And, read Galatians 1:11-24.
  2. time in His Presence. Spend 12 minutes today in prayer. Use the Lord’s Prayer as an outline. 6 parts, 2 minutes each, 12 minutes. We will expand on that in week 3.
  3. time FOR His people. Do something small, and perhaps anonymous, for one person today. Send an encouraging text, pay for a cup of coffee, hold open a door.  Something.

The other two things we can begin thinking about is a small project I could do for my church over the next 6 weeks. God loves His Church. And a small project I could do for the environment, like pick up trash at the local park. God loves His creation. We have time to think about that.

Now for a devotional thought.  (I usually post a longer blog every Friday so watch for that.)

May I confess I was not the first choice when it came to picking teams on the playground in grade school? Usually, it was a close race to see if me or Larry, my best friend, would be picked last. I’m not sure how good a friend I was because I would whisper to the “pickers” about how bad Larry was the last time we played. Still, there were several picks that ended with one team saying, “You just take both of them. We had them last time.”

Now you can see why I was so delighted when Doris asked me to marry her. I likes to be picked. 🤓

I imagine Paul liked to be picked too. What an amazing thing for him to say in Galatians 1:15, “But even before I was born, God chose me.” Wow! That is really being picked. Paul says he was chosen AND called. The he says God, “revealed His Son to me so that I could make Him known to the Gentiles.”

Okay, here’s the deal. Who are the gentiles? Well, me and you of course. So, God picked Paul, to let us know that He picked us. That is so cool. When He picked Paul, He took me too. That’s a lot better than being on Larry’s team. Know today that God wants you on His team. You’ve been picked and called.  I like that.


Scripture for next week:

Read Psalm 25 Monday through Saturday     Read the Proverb Chapter of the day, on the 22nd, read 22, on the 23rd read 23, etc.

Each day, Monday—John 13:1-20, Tuesday—Matthew 10:16-42, Wednesday—John 15:12-27, Thursday—Acts 6:8-15, Friday—James 1:2-18, Saturday—1 Peter 4:12-19





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