Going Deep Day 19: Your Walk Talks

Going Deep Day 19: Your Walk Talks

What you say matters. How you live matters more.  Nothing adds power to your testimony like a Godly lifestyle. Today, in Colossians 3, Paul tells us how to have a good testimony.


The scripture reading for the next 9 days:

Tomorow        Psalm 143 and Romans 12

Sunday            Psalm 143, Joshua 5, 2 Corinthians 5, Luke 15

Monday            Psalm 32, Matthew 11

Tuesday           Psalm 32, 1 Corinthians 15

Wednesday     Psalm 32, Romans 1

Thursday         Psalm 32, Isaiah 25

Friday               Psalm 32, Colossians 3 (yes, again 🤓)

Saturday          Psalm 32, Romans 8

Next Sunday  Psalm 32, Isaiah 43, Philippians 3, and John 8

Here’s the prayer for this week: O God, Our Father, Wake us up. Renew our spirits, and draw us close to You, so that, our service may not be a duty but a delight, and our love for You be so deep that it produces obedience in us. Do all of this that we may bring honor to Your Name. Amen 


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