3/13/24   Lent   Psalm 79   IFTTT

3/13/24 Lent Psalm 79 IFTTT

3/13/24 Lent Psalm 79 IFTTT 

The history of the children of Israel has always been an “If this then that” relationship. God designed it that way, at least from His side. “If you keep my commandments, you will be blessed.” “If you call on my Name I will answer.” “If you bow down before Me, I will be your protector.” Who knew that one day we would develop an APP for that? 

IFTTT means “If This Then That.” If it gets to be 6pm then Alexa will turn the lights on. If the outside temperature hits 74 then Nest will turn on the AC. If the meat on the grill reaches 145 then MyGrill will buzz my phone. If I turn in the driveway, MyQ will open the door. (And yes, I have all these. Doris hates them all.) 

Where Israel got into trouble is when they flipped the script on God’s “if then” plan. They began to function as if God was beholden to them. If You deliver us, then we will obey You. If You give us food, then we will quit grumbling. Even in the 79th psalm they say, “If You punish our enemies, then we will praise You.” Those sorry Israelites. How could they say such a thing? After all that God had done for them. The audacity to make their worship of Him dependent on His coming through for them one more time. I can’t imagine that. 

Although I did hear Doris say on time change Sunday, “Lord, if You wake me up, I will go to church.” And I might have whispered a few times, “Lord, if You help me beat this tennis guy like a drum, I’ll tell him about Jesus.” And I do remember more than a few times saying, “Lord, if You will get me out of this mess, I will never do this again.” IFTTT is all over the way I serve God. And I don’t think that is what He wants. 

Even in my worship, God if You get me jazzed, make me feel something, get the tears flowing, then I will acknowledge I have been in Your presence. If You help me pay this month’s rent, then I will say how good You are. If You cure my cancer, I will testify of Your faithfulness. Do you know that God is all around us, even when we aren’t feeling some emotional high? Do you know that He is good, even when the bills are bigger than the bank account? Do you remember that He is faithful, to the very end, even when the answer for healing is not what we hoped for?  

God, if You will stop me from this IFTTT approach to serving You, I promise I will be more consistent in praising You ALWAYS, in ALL THINGS, ALL THE TIME. Make me like Job, “Yea, though He slay me, still will I praise Him.” No IFTTT there. 

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