4/29/24   MondayMatters: Seasons of Life

4/29/24 MondayMatters: Seasons of Life


“There is a time for all things. Everything has a season.” The writer of the Wisdom Book was talking about more than summer and fall. Perhaps one of the most important adjustments in life is the recognition that we are constantly transitioning from one season to the next. Here are some thoughts about that and some steps to make it easier. For a transcript go to www.branchesblog.com and each day follow @cmichaelcourtney on Facebook or Instagram for a follow-up thought.

Five Thoughts About Seasons:

  1. Seasons are inevitable. Genesis 8:22
  2. Seasons are intentional. Ecclesiastes 3:1
  3. Seasons are instructional. Philippians 3:13
  4. Seasons are inspirational. Matthew 24:32
  5. Seasons are enjoyable. Ecclesiastes 3:11

So, how do you navigate the seasons of life?

Make the Most of every season of life.

Stay in the Season, not longing for the past or anticipating the future.

Look for the Lesson of each season. God has one for you.

Cherish the Connections of each season. They are all different and each more precious.

Give the season to God.

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