10/22/23 MondayMatters: The Discipline of Study

10/22/23 MondayMatters: The Discipline of Study

Paul says, “Study to show yourself approved…” (2 Timothy 2:15) Whatever the subject, being intentional about study makes us more proficient, more productive, and more prepared to share our wisdom. Study, specifically study of our faith and the Word of God, improves our walk, informs our talk, and enhances our life in Christ. Here are some simple places to begin studying in this season of life.
For a detailed list of books, podcasts, and commentaries, study your way to www.branchesblog.com. (🤓 see what I did there?) Thanks for being a part of MondayMatters.


12 great books to read in 2024 (read 1 a month. Start now.) These are all books that significantly impacted my thinking.

Falling Upward.     Richard Rohr

Faith In the Age of AI.      Dan Scott

Conquering the Chaos in Your Mind.    Eddie Turner

Celebration of Discipline.    Richard Foster

Believing God.    Beth Moore

Mere Christianity.    C. S. Lewis

Grace, Faith, and, Holiness.   H. Ray Dunning

The Search for Significance    Robert McGhee

A Reasonable Faith    Tony Campolo

The First 1000 Years    William Bennett

The Power of Praise   Terry Law

How People Grow    Henry Cloud and John Townsend

The Body    Chuck Colson

Surprised By Hope     N. T. Wright         (I know that’s 14 😬  It’s hard to stop.)


Five Podcasts to consider subscribing to for 2024. Pick three. (Or list some of your favorites here.)

Michael In the Middle      Michael Johnson

Ask NT Wright Anything     N. T. Wright

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast      Carey Nieuwhof

The Bible Poject     Tim Mackie

Breakpoint    The Colson Center


Three good one-volume commentaries

Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

The New International Bible Commentary

The Believer’s Bible Commentary


Happy Studying





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