About Dr. Mike Courtney

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Mike and Doris Courtney founded Branches Recovery Center at the call of God to celebrate their own healing and restoration. Mike is a gifted writer, speaker and counselor with twenty-five years experience as a highly successful pastor. He is also a recovering addict who lives a 12-Step life, one day at a time. Now he tells his story of honesty, hope and healing to audiences across America.

James Robison says, “In my opinion, Michael Courtney has tactfully, tastefully and effectively dealt with critically important, highly sensitive issues. Failures are often difficult to acknowledge and even more difficult when they are of a moral nature and occur in the life of a professing Christian. If that believer is a leader, confession seems to be suicidal. I believe that what Michael shares will inspire, and his frankness and brokenness will help bring about legitimate healing.”

Mike has taken a story of secrecy and shame that Satan meant for destruction and allowed it to be used as a tool for redemption and restoration. He shares openly his faults and failures, but more importantly, the marvelous grace of God. His book, Failure And How I Achieved It, helps ministers and lay persons alike. He has appeared on national and international television programs and taught for the Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism.

Just as amazing is the story of Mike’s wife, Doris. As Mike says, “There are some heroes in my story. I am not one of them. My incredible wife learned to trust God and endured unimaginable pain, always believing that God would ultimately win out, she is a hero.” Doris tells her story with music and words that exude grace and sensitivity. God uses her in a powerful way when she plays or when she speaks.

Mike and his wife Doris reside in middle Tennessee where he writes and directs Branches and where they both enjoy their grandsons. Their desire is to help Christian leaders “live lives of peace, productivity and principled living” and to provide healing and hope for broken people everywhere.