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6/17/24 MondayMatters: Leaving A Legacy Behind

6/17/24 MondayMatters: Leaving A Legacy Behind

We all desire to leave a legacy, to make a mark on family and friends that will impact them for good long after we are gone. Sometimes, the pain of the legacy we inherited is so great we cannot imagine changing our legacy for the better. But we can. We can leave the legacy of our past behind and start a new one. Here are 7 steps.
1. Start today.

2. Accept personal responsibility.

3. Choose to forgive.

4. Accept the present.

5. Reframe your story,

6. Believe that life can change.

7. Make some concrete plans today to change.

Paul says, “Forgetting those things which are behind, I press on.” Press on!

On Fathers and Sons 

On Fathers and Sons 

  There is a “sermon illustration” that is told that in the prisons when the prisoners are offered Mother’s Day cards to send to their mothers, the response is overwhelming. Thousands upon thousands of cards are provided and sent each year, But, so the story goes, when the same offer is made on Father’s Day,… Continue Reading