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And Peter

Reading for today: Psalm 94 and John 18:15-27 Wow, this got long but it is my favorite topic. Sorry. Read it in three settings. Just kidding.   I like John. Apparently, John liked John. He often referred to himself as “the disciple that Jesus loved.” When all the disciples were choosing nicknames he said, “Call… Continue Reading

Now I Lay Me

Reading today: Psalm 90 and John 17:6-25 We grew up in a parsonage. My father pastored small churches in the south and we made up a pretty significant percentage of the congregation. Mike, (my first name is Charles but if you ever use that our friendship is terminally over), Charlotta, Chonda, and Cheralyn. All started… Continue Reading



Reading for today Psalm 71 and John 7:53-8:11 Let’s get this out of the way right up front. I’m late writing this devo. It’s 5:45AM when I am starting it. I’m usually long finished and it’s on its way through the magical internet by now. I went to a Chonda concert in Bowling Green last… Continue Reading


Reading today Psalm 66, John 6:41-59 My wife has a terrible disease. It is apparently a genetic thing because her mother had it and both of her sisters have it. They all suffer from the “I can’t hide my giggles” disease. From our earliest time together I have watched her, and them, get tickled at… Continue Reading