40 Days of Love Actually

40 Days of Love Actually

A Lenten Plan to truly put into practice rituals for the next 6 weeks to participate in loving all of the things that God loves. For the 40 days of lent we invite you to ACTUALLY love the things that God loves, His word, His Presence, His people, His church, and His creation.  I have found that these 40 day spiritual adventures deepen my affection for God, improve my discipline in faith, and increase my desire to serve His children.

Here’s what I will do, every week I’ll send a brief video devotional outlining the week, discussing one of the 5 rituals. I will also send a the scripture readings for the week. (They will come from the Guide to Prayers that utilizes the liturgical calendar and the Daily Prayer Book.) I will write a weekly blog that focuses on the week. And finally, a daily, very brief devotional thought based on the daily reading.

Here’s what we will do together.

  • His Word—-We will read one Psalm each week, one chapter of Proverbs each day, and one designated scripture passage each day. (About 15 minutes)
  • His Presence—-We will pray 12 minutes each day, using the Lord’s Prayer as an outline.
  • His People—- We will do do one act of kindness to a person each day, an encouraging text, a random act of kindness, etc.
  • His Church—- We will commit to attending worship each week and serving the church in some way at least once during the 40 Days.
  • His Creation—-We will take on one project to improve the environment during this season, picking up trash in a park, cleaning graffiti off a wall.

To get involved and stay updated, sign up at branchesblog.com.  I hope to see you there.  Watch for the first video tomorrow morning on FaceBook and here at BranchesBlog.

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