Love Actually: Day 2

Love Actually: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2. If you’re just joining, go back and read the last 2 blogs. They are short and it will help you get a running start. By the way, if you subscribe to this blog you will get a daily email for the 40 days with the devotional reading and the scripture for the day. After Easter you can unsubscribe or keep getting the semi-regular blogs I write. 🤓 Either way I am excited about us journeying these 40 Days together. Here’s the plan for each day:

  1. time in the Word. Today we read Psalm 15 (actually read that everyday through Saturday. There is something special about reading the same Psalm everyday for a week.) Read Proverbs 18 today. Ask God to reveal some word of wisdom just for you today. And, read Colossians 1:24-29.
  2. time in His Presence. Spend 12 minutes today in prayer. Use the Lord’s Prayer as an outline. 6 parts, 2 minutes each, 12 minutes. We will expand on that in week 3.
  3. time FOR His people. Do something small, and perhaps anonymous, for one person today. Send an encouraging text, pay for a cup of coffee, hold open a door.  Something.

The other two things we can begin thinking about is a small project I could do for my church over the next 6 weeks. God loves His Church. And a small project I could do for the environment, like pick up trash at the local park. God loves His creation. We have time to think about that.

Here’s a thought for the day. Caleb, the grandson I just rocked to sleep, is 1. He is learning all the amazing, fabulous, very smart things that 1 year olds learn, “Caleb, where’s your ear?”  “What does a duck say?” One of my favorite is, “Caleb, let me tell you a secret.” He will turn his little face and smile and I will whisper in his ear, “PoppyC loves you,” as if that is some profound mystery that he would otherwise never know.

Paul says in Colossians 1:25-26 that: 1. He is a servant of the church. 2. So that he can reveal this mystery. 3. And the mystery is for the Jews and the rest of us. He is in effect saying, “Let me tell you a secret.” Then we, like 1 year old children, turn our faces  and smile, and he whispers to us, “Christ is IN YOU, and that is where our hope, for this world and the next lies.” (verse 27) Wow! That is some secret. And it changes everything.

So, here’s my prayer for you today. Sometime, maybe when you are worrying about some big deal and having a hard time getting to sleep, you will hear Jesus say to you, in a voice that is unmistakably His, “Hey, let me tell you a secret.”

Be blessed today. And Love Actually.


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  1. I have enjoyed participating with you today!! I have a peace, (it passes understanding) I felt
    God’s presence was very near as I woke up today. The love actually is amazing.

  2. I heard God whisper to me one day – several years ago. I won’t go into the whole story, but I was imagining standing in front of Him – His arms around me – and He said to me, “My daughter, the question is this: do you have any idea how much “I” love “You”?? I hope I never forget that experience. Even now, it brings tears to my eyes.

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