Don’t Faint   Day 16

Don’t Faint Day 16

Many of us started fasting in January 1. The Branches team joined us on January 3. My church, and a host of others started on January 7. The Church of the Highlands, a mega church out of Birmingham does a 21 day prayer and fasting event each year that draws hundreds of churches and thousands of Christians to join in. That started on the 7th as well. Whenever you started, we all share something in common about now, this is getting old. The first few days of the fast are exciting. There is a “spiritual adrenaline” that propels me along. I am eager to see the new insights this spiritual discipline will bring me.

But then comes the doldrums. I’m tired of doing without. The enthusiasm has waned. And I would give my right arm for a Baby Ruth candy bar. Can I be honest? I don’t even like potatoes that much. That’s part of why I gave up white stuff as a part of my fast. But if Doris was not around right now, I’d sneak in the pantry and eat a big, raw Russett without even washing it off. This is crazy.

That may be why Paul gave this good advice in Galatians 6:9, “Don’t become weary in well doing for you will reap your harvest if you do not faint.” (I like it in the KJV.) Well, maybe he is not talking about fasting but it sure helps me about this point. Don’t get tired of doing the right thing. Don’t quit while you’re doing good. However you translate it, the admonition is to keep going and don’t stop. Here are some tips.

1. Remember why you started. It’s not to lose weight or prove a point. It is to get closer to God.

2. Remember where you are headed. Paul says there is a harvest ahead. Maybe the “revelations” have slowed a little since you began but God has something He will say to you at the end.

3. And, remember who you are with. That’s why corporate fasting is good. I have brothers and sisters walking this trail with me. If Chris can do it then I sure can. If Leslie is not quitting then neither am I. We are in this together.

So, don’t give up. Don’t look back. And the best advice of all for those of us who gave up sugar, don’t faint. 😂😂.

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