2/21//24    Lent     Psalm 58

2/21//24 Lent Psalm 58

2/21/24 Lent Psalm 58 

“Why do the wicked prosper?” is probably one of the most perplexing (and often asked) philosophical questions. I don’t mind so much that my life is not hunky-dory but it sure grates on me that the other guy, and I know he’s not doing right, is getting ahead. When my dad was pastoring tiny little Nazarene churches and someone would ask if the church was growing, Dad would respond, “No, but praise God neither are the Baptists!” 

It seems I can handle my own misery as long as my rival, or the person who thinks differently is suffering an agonizing life as well. 

Apparently, that is a pretty common feeling. In Psalm 58, David is calling down the wrath of God on everybody who has ever crossed him. “Get the rulers God. They are not governing my way.” Wipe out all of the Democrats. Stomp on every Republican. Those people that vote differently from me…a pox on them. 

Next, Lord, take out the wicked. If they smoke…kill ‘em. Those people who say bad words…pull their teeth out of their mouths. Anybody that doesn’t follow the rules that I lay out make them (here’s a good one) like a slug that you pour salt on, and they melt on the sidewalk. (That’s not only mean, it’s gross.) 

The problem is, this is not only a philosophical question, it is a theological one as well. The problem is not only fairness but what kind of God do we serve? And how do we serve Him? The issue may not be in my head, what is right and wrong? The issue may be in my heart, do I love like God does? 

How do I treat the transgender person who sits by me in the restaurant? Do I take a casserole to the sick Muslim mother across the street from me? Can I be kind to the co-worker that was making fun of my faith a couple pf days ago? Well, the answer better be yes, or all of my arrows will fall short. 😊  

A couple of weeks ago we studied the parable of the wheat and tares on Wednesday night. (It’s a pretty good study. You should tune in. 😊 ) A good guy planted wheat. A bad guy came at night and planted ragweed on top of it. The servants say, “Should we pick out the tares and burn them up?” They are asking for permission to judge what’s good and what’s bad. But the good farmer says, “No, water and feed everything. When we harvest it all, I will separate the wheat from the weeds.” 

So, why do bad people seem to get ahead in life? Don’t know. But I do know that God will judge everything in the end. And between now and then, my job is to keep growing and to love them all. Who knows, I might love a few of the bad ones enough that they become good ones? I might see that they are not that bad. And I might see that I am not that good. (Oh, man. Did I say that out loud?) 

Today is my 2nd grandson’s birthday. Action Jakson, drummer renown, young mighty man of God is 13 today. He is one of the good ones. Love you, Jakson. 

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