Love Actually: Day 14

Love Actually: Day 14

Doris and I were dating 45 years ago. She was living with her parents in Gallatin and I was living in a trailer in Ashland City. For those of you not familiar with Tennessee geography, those are two small towns about 50 miles apart with no direct route between the two. To travel that 50 miles took about an hour and a half through huge metropolises like Whitehouse and Pleasant View.  I would drop her off in my very sexy 1975 canary yellow Ford Pinto. I would drive 90 minutes to my very sexy 40 foot long mobile home. And as soon as I would walk in the door (this was before cell phones, young people) I would call her, and we would talk for another two hours until one of us fell asleep on the phone. I longed to hear her voice, to be, even in conversation, in her presence.

As we have “matured,” read that got old, we don’t talk quite as much. We certainly don’t fall asleep on the phone. Usually, I fall asleep on the couch beside her. But we still long for one another’s presence just as much. Sometimes our very best evenings are just sitting quietly beside one another on the deck and watching the sun slip behind the trees.

The Psalmists says, “As the deer thirsts for the water, my souls thirsts for You, O God!” Psalm 42:1  Sometimes I have much to say and I talk God’s ear off. Sometimes He has much to say to me and I go away full of His Wisdom. But my very best prayer times seem to be those days when we just sit comfortably in one another’s presence and enjoy each other. Maybe I have matured

Today we read Psalm 42, Proverbs 4, and John 6:22-40.

Remember to pray 12 minutes (or longer if you’d like)

Do some anonymous act of kindness today.

See you tomorrow.

And many have said they missed the video from Monday on prayer.  Sorry about that  I posted it again on my FaceBook page  I’ll try to find a link



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