12/12/22 MondayMatters: Preparation for the Celebration

12/12/22 MondayMatters: Preparation for the Celebration

Just as we are making the final arrangements to be ready to celebrate Christmas, so we can be thinking about the preparations we need to make to create a better, stronger, more joyful walk with God is 2023 than we have ever known before. Today we talk about the things we need to do to get ready for the Christ Baby to come into our lives in a deeper way. Here are three things to consider:

Download the app and sign up for the Daily Audio Bible, a one year plan to read through the Bible.
Sign for the YouVersion of the Bible app. We will choose a 40 Day Plan to do together.
Go to BranchesBlog.com and sign up to get daily email notifications for our 40 Day Adventure.

Celebration. Preparation. Anticipation of the wonderful thing God is going to do in us in 2023, beginning in the first 40 Days.



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