10/29/23 MondayMatters: Seek to Serve

10/29/23 MondayMatters: Seek to Serve


The discipline of serving changes us like no other. When we realize that our lives are not about us but rather, about Him and them, we begin to experience the “abundant life” that Jesus offered.  We serve in three areas. We serve God. We serve people. And we serve the church.
In Matthew 25, Jesus says, “When you’ve done this for the least of these, you’ve done it for me.”

Mark 10:45 “The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve. And to be a ransom for many.”

Romans 12:10 “Be devoted to one another.”

Seek these seven ways to serve: 1. Service in small things.  2. Service of helpfulness.  3. Service of encouragement.  4. Service of affirmation.   5. Service of guarding a reputation.  6.  Service of listening.   7. Service of bearing one another’s burden.     Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

“Lord lay some soul upon my heart, and love that soul through me. And may I always do my part, to win that soul to thee.”

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